Serving Our Community for over 20 Years

A unique dance studio in Pawleys Island, SC. A place designed with our dance students in mind. A state of the art facility. With classes for two and half year-olds to teens. As well as our adult classes.

Founding owner/artistic director Ilka Doubek was a professional Ballerina with a 20-year career in dance. Her husband, Tom Fox with an active international career in opera and the performing arts. Together they have a created a family friendly dance academy for those in recreational dance and those who wish to leap into the dance profession.

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Community Involvement
  • JUMP Competition & Convention - “Best in Studio Award” for the last three years. Performing in the final show with the celebrity master teachers. Out of 50+ participating studios
  • Pawleys Island Festival of Art (PIFMA)
  • Annual Holiday Show and smaller showcases at retirement communities
  • YAGP awarded outstanding school/outstanding choreography
  • Annual performances at Waccamaw Elementary
Unique to Pawleys Island

Variety of dance styles, including tumbling, which makes our students well rounded and more successful.

Our Boutique. Stocked full of dance essentials.

Most successful competitive team in the region.

Big ballet at every recital. With founding owner/director Ilka Doubek who was a professional Ballerina with a 20 year career in dance.

Parents! We have free Wi-Fi so that you can use our internet while your child dances in our spacious lobby or in our parking lot.

We have great customer service Monday-Saturday our front desk is staffed from 10:00 a.m. to closing. You talk to a real human being and not a recording.