Litchfield Performing Arts Company

PAC (Performing Arts Company) is a fun competitive dance experience without as heavy a scheduling demand and as large financial impact that is required of LDC. PAC can be seen as a stepping stone to graduate into becoming a LDC member. 75% of LDC members started out as PAC members and realized that they wanted more.


PAC dance students are required to be in 3 weekly technique dance classes: 2 ballet classes and 1 jazz class. Along with these classes they are required to participate in a 2-hour rehearsal on Friday afternoons. Many of our PAC dancers love to take many other styles of dance on top of these mandatory classes such as; tumbling, hip hop, contemporary, conditioning, and leaps & turns. We encourage our PAC dancers to attend summer classes to continue developing and maintaining their skills and stamina. Often we start their group choreography in the summer as well.