As a former professional dancer, college graduate and current worker in the “real world,” I can say with confidence that ballet has shaped who I am. Whether a child pursues a career in the arts or not, a quality ballet education offers countless benefits and skills that stay with them the rest of their life. And lucky for me, I had that right here in little ol’ Pawleys Island, thanks in large part to Tom, Ilka, and the Litchfield Ballet Foundation. Commitment to physical fitness, unwavering mental discipline, grace in front of crowds and the feeling of pure joy through art — these are just a few of the qualities that I’ve carried with me from my days at LDA. The training and opportunities it provided opened up a whole world for me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Carlie Mills

Dance has helped me with so much in life regardless of not following it as my career. It taught me not only how to move and be in tune with my body, but also how to work hard, follow directions, express myself, and process information to be put to use on the spot. These are some of the greatest benefits in any creative performing field, and I never would have had them if it weren’t for my dance education. Thank you LDA!

Lida Fox

Litchfield Dance Arts Academy has given me a wonderful education in dance through learning from professionals, providing diverse dance technique training, performance experience, and teaching experience. The education provided by the instructors at LDA is very hands on, motivating, loving, and encouraging towards students. They helped exceed and grow in many diverse dance techniques which led me to have confidence to continue my education in dance at college. Furthermore, it has led me to a career with Kansas City Ballet Community Engagement and Education Department. With the encouragement and dedication from LDA faculty and staff, I am a successful dance professional. I still continue to feel the love and support from the LDA family and friends.

Olivia Shaw

Training at LDA prepared me for a future in both the professional and academic world of dance. I was taught the value of confidence, humility, integrity, determination, and detail, and with these tools I was able to find myself dancing with Ballet West and conducting dance research at the University of Utah. I am immensely grateful for the education granted to me by Litchfield Dance Arts Academy and Ilka Doubek.

Tia Sandman